Business Financing

For any business, cash flow and business financing is the key to financial success and must be managed closely in order to avoid shortages that not only hamper business operations, but threaten a business’ existence. Debt and equity financing provide different opportunities for raising funds, and each serves legitimate purposes depending on the objectives and financial health of a business. While equity financing can provide needed capital without the burden debt, it may also be the most expensive capital alternative depending on various factors, including the business’ valuation and the demands of the prospective equity partner. Conversely, debt financing places repayment obligations on a business but without relinquishing control or ownership interests.

Since its founding, Business Finance Corporation has helped to provide hundreds of millions of dollars in business financing to its clients, both through direct financing extended to clients and 3rd party financing sources. Particular emphasis has been placed on alternative business financing vehicles, including asset based lending, sale-leaseback transactions, accounts receivable factoring, and sales of non-producing assets. These alternative approaches have enabled many businesses to meet their capital needs where traditional bank financing has not been available to them. Our intimate knowledge of the various business financing alternatives, and extensive relationships with private and institutional financiers throughout the world, provide our clients with the best opportunity to secure the right business financing in a timely manner.

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