Robots and Artificial Intelligence and your business future

  Meet George Jetson—yes, we all remember that guy. The down to earth father of the space-age family with a dog named Astro, Rosie the Robot with artificial intelligence, and drove the super cool flying saucer-like car that folded into a briefcase when he arrived to work. George worked for Spacely’s Sprockets where he had… Continue Reading

Business confidence numbers are up in the second quarter of 2017

  On June 14th, the UNLV Lee Business School’s Center for Business & Economic Research (CBER) released the 2017 Midyear Economic Outlook report. Director Stephen M. Miller, during a presentation at the Palms Casino Resort, gave an overview of the report that indexes business confidence and economic factors such as tourism, construction, and employment in… Continue Reading

Public Radio and Television Faces Challenges

During the 2016 presidential campaign season, ratings for all news outlets skyrocketed. Post-election and especially since the inauguration, interest in the news has continued to climb. While all news sources increased their number of viewers, listeners, and readers during the hotly contested campaign and election process, one of the biggest winners in the ratings game… Continue Reading