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Besides Factoring, how else can BFC help my company?

Question: Besides Factoring, how else can BFC help my company?   Answer: Through its extensive experience working with troubled companies, BFC has developed a ‘toolkit’ for use in working with clients to place their businesses back on sound financial and operational footing. This toolkit, which has been tested and proven in the marketplace many times… Continue Reading

Are there monthly minimum factoring amounts?

The short answer is NO. However, as with most business relationships, you must first establish an account. The process is not long but will establish your factoring discount rate. The factoring discount rate is determined by a number of variables such as the type of business you are in (for example, construction is more expensive… Continue Reading

How does Business Finance Corporation collect on receivables?

In many cases, you have clients that regularly pay in 45-60 days and no prompting is necessary, we simply wait for their check to arrive. If you have factored invoices that extend past 60 days, it may be that the client is having financial difficulties or may have been a problem with the original invoice…. Continue Reading