Indoor Air Quality

What’s one way you can ensure your employees are happier? Make sure they have clean air in their offices.

Air Vents: Have the maintenance staff keep logs on periodically check air vents and filters to ensure good indoor air quality. Make sure vents are free of debris, such as papers and wrappers, and that air filters are replaced regularly. According to ENERGY STAR, it takes as much as 25% more energy to pump air into spaces if vents are blocked.

Low VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds are the number one cause of eye and throat irritations, headaches, fatigue, and repertory problems in an office environment. Switch to cleaning products that are made from organic ingredients and eliminate toxic chemical odors. If you are remodeling, choose carpet, glues, paints, and wood products that have low or No VOC’s and be sure to flush the building’s air after construction is complete to eliminate construction dust.