“Like it or not, sustainability is now core to your business.”

That was the headline of a recent commentary in FORTUNE Magazine by Jeremy Oppenheim, Martin Stuchtey. And the two authors make the case that, “What used to be considered green virtue has now morphed into a crucial competitive tool.

With the recent visit if Pope Francis and his meeting with President Obama, along with the visit from Chinese President Xi Jinping, Climate Change has been in the headlines as one of the priorities of each of  these leaders. In fact, on September 25, both Obama and Xi emerged from a meeting announcing a new agreement to cooperate on combating climate change.

But even if you are a climate change skeptic, there is no denying that corporate sustainability initiatives are affecting the financial bottom line…in a very good way.


Take a look at the results reported by several major companies in the Fortune article, then ask yourself; Is sustainability right for me?