Setting Your Course

Many of you who know me also know that one of my interests in life is volunteering as a board member and Past Chairman of the Board of Nevada Public Radio and its stations including KNPR and Classical KCNV.  My association with this wonderful institution goes back almost to the beginning of its existence in Southern Nevada and I have watched as it has evolved from one small station playing classical music with a smattering of news programs to a sophisticated media outlet broadcasting news and information 24 hours a day under the original KNPR flag at 88.9 FM and classical music on KCNV 89.7 FM in Las Vegas, and stations and translators throughout Nevada and parts of Arizona, Utah, and California.

One of my favorite programs is Market Place hosted by Kai Ryssdal.  My ears perk up when Kai talks about the happenings on Wall Street and the details “when we do the numbers.”  Will it be the wah-wah trombone or the happy music?  But what is even more interesting about Market Place are the stories about things that you might not associate with the stock market or the economy… from the everyday people who work and struggle to make a living and run their businesses, to the interviews from the “Corner Office” learning how decisions are made.

Someone told me a long time ago that watching the Dow or Nasdaq on a daily basis and then basing one’s financial decisions on that day’s events is like staring down at the ground as you move forward, and only occasionally looking up to see where you are, and if you are heading towards where you want to go.   You end up chasing a number that you might hit for a short time or two.  The key to financial security is to set your sight on where you want to be on the horizon and set a course for that goal.  Make your plan, what works for you, and stay the course.  Sure, a few windfalls here and there are wonderful, and the losses are unpleasant to say the least, but taking the long view is what will get you to your goals.  So it is with running a business.  Keep your focus on your vision, and be sure that all of your employees understand the vision.  The trick, and perhaps it is a difficult trick, is never to lose faith in you.

At Business Finance Corporation, we understand how difficult it is to keep a steady course to maintain the desired momentum in your business and get where you want to go, and we’re here to help you through the cash flow challenges of running a growing business.  Give us a call or stop on by to find out about what Accounts Receivable Factoring is, and how it may help your business…or even if you just want to say hello.

Your Partner in Success,

David Cabral