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7 Tips for a Red, White and GREEN Fourth of July!

Just before Memorial Day, we gave you some tips for green grilling. The following is a link to “inhabitat” an echo friendly site with news and tips about the environment. We thought that you would find this article helpful for your holiday planning. http://inhabitat.com/7-tips-for-a-red-white-and-green-fourth-of-july/

The Mojave Green

Spring came early to Southern Nevada, and many people are taking advantage of the weather to go outside and explore the surrounding nature. If you venture out be careful, because nature is waking up from their winter nap and excited to be alive. One such species is the Mojave Green Pit Viper, the most venomous… Continue Reading

Indoor Air Quality

What’s one way you can ensure your employees are happier? Make sure they have clean air in their offices. Air Vents: Have the maintenance staff keep logs on periodically check air vents and filters to ensure good indoor air quality. Make sure vents are free of debris, such as papers and wrappers, and that air… Continue Reading

True Tale from a Green Business

When Elysa Hammond joined the staff of Clif Bar in the summer of 2000, she assumed the title of “corporate ecologist” and took on the task of improving the energy bar company’s environmental impacts. She started by helping Clif Bar become the first certified organic energy bar, and then went on to redesign to the… Continue Reading

One-Third of Food Is Lost or Wasted: What Can Be Done

From our farms to grocery stores to dinner tables, 30 percent of the food we grow is never eaten. Picture this; it’s lettuce season in Salinas Valley, in the central California region that produces about 70 percent of the leafy greens sold in U.S. retail markets. On a typically foggy morning, tractor trailers stuffed with… Continue Reading