Financing Businesses is Our Business

For over 20 years, we’ve helped countless companies in all stages of their business life, from start-ups, to growth phase, to even those that are restructuring and not bankable.

Take control of your accounts receivables; maximize cash flow; and grow your business with Business Finance Corporation.

Factoring Invoices Is
Not A Loan

Business Finance Corporation purchases creditworthy invoices at a discount for cash. We buy specific invoices and when your customers pay, we are paid. There are no daily, weekly, or monthly payments, hidden fees, or additional debt on your company’s balance sheet. We make it easy to sign up with no termination charges. Learn More


Merchant Cash Advances
Are A Loan

But merchant cash advance lenders claim they aren’t. They entice you with E-Z applications and quick cash, but charge high repayment fees and often take daily debits from your bank account. Make sure you read the “fine print” before signing on the dotted line. Merchant cash advance loans are easy to get into, but hard to get out of. Learn More