Month: August 2015

How Are We Doing?

Do you know how your business compares to your competitors? Have you ever asked your Customers? Do you keep track of where new business comes from or how they found you? The other day I was filling out one of those “How Did We Do” surveys. You know the type after you visit a store… Continue Reading

Besides Factoring, how else can BFC help my company?

Question: Besides Factoring, how else can BFC help my company?   Answer: Through its extensive experience working with troubled companies, BFC has developed a ‘toolkit’ for use in working with clients to place their businesses back on sound financial and operational footing. This toolkit, which has been tested and proven in the marketplace many times… Continue Reading

Marketing Your Green Side

By: Craig A. Ruark Marketing specialists are in agreement: green marketing campaigns exist and their clients should have one.  The debate begins when the question turns to actually knowing what green marketing is and the best way to implement it.  The confusion is understandable due to the way businesses are currently marketing green products. Green… Continue Reading

Vegas Roots Community Garden

Vegas Roots Community Garden is a community-based nonprofit organization in Las Vegas, Nevada. Operated by Together We Can, the garden utilizes over four acres of vacant property right near Downtown Las Vegas. Established in March 2010, Vegas Roots continues to be the community’s FIRST and ONLY urban farm in. The Mission is to create a… Continue Reading