Factoring Terminology 101

It seems every industry has its own insider language.  The invoice factoring industry is no exception.  If you’re a business owner looking for a factoring company to boost your cash flow; knowing the definition of some key words and phrases will help you find the factoring company that is the best fit for your business. … Continue Reading

DEEPFAKE; the new business threat

As we advance, deepfakes and other offshoots of AI will require businesses to create an even more agile and holistic security and detection approach to protect devices, apps, data, and cloud services.

Who Qualifies For Factoring

By Jeff Jacobs As banks become more restrictive with their lending, more and more business owners are turning to alternative lenders to find the additional working capital they need.  Invoice factoring, also sometimes referred to as invoice finance, is when a business owner sells their accounts receivable to a factor for immediate cash.  Business owners… Continue Reading

SME protections during COVID

Small and Medium Enterprises can shield themselves financially during COVID by being self-reliant and attentive with their customer collections. Customers need to remain conscientious and aggressive with their customer collections while being prudent yet tactical with their credit decisions.  Conducting their own due diligence while being vigilant with their collections and chargebacks are key.  Gathering and understanding… Continue Reading