SME protections during COVID

Small and Medium Enterprises can shield themselves financially during COVID by being self-reliant and attentive with their customer collections. Customers need to remain conscientious and aggressive with their customer collections while being prudent yet tactical with their credit decisions.  Conducting their own due diligence while being vigilant with their collections and chargebacks are key.  Gathering and understanding… Continue Reading

How PPP Loans work in conjunction with Invoice Factoring

By Jeff Jacobs Because PPP loan amounts are based on 2.5 times the company’s 2019 average monthly payroll cost, this funding alone may not be enough to keep many small businesses afloat. PPP loans also require business owners to spend a certain percentage of their funding on employee salaries. However, the majority of business budgets… Continue Reading

Predictions for 2021

As predicted, 2021 started on January 1st and will, without a doubt, end on December 31st, just like every year since 1582 and the adoption of the Gregorian calendar. But, what happens during the other 365 days of the year will be the result of whatever mother nature throws at us combined with geopolitical influences,… Continue Reading

2020 Hindsight

Yes, hindsight is 2020, and there is no doubt that every person on this planet is anxious to put 2020 in their rearview mirror. However, hindsight is only valuable if you can take the past lessons and apply them to the future.

Getting Through the Holiday Season-Emotional Self Care

When you look at someone’s eyes, peering out above their mask, what do you see? Sometimes a smile, but many times it is the look of worry. Joblessness and uncertainty have turned to anxiety. Worry has been termed the “official emotion of this year.” Worry is also the most pervasive psychological problem of our time…. Continue Reading