The Changing Economy of Nevada – Bet On It –Nevada’s New Bonanzas

Las Vegas was and always will be considered the Entertainment Capital of the World. However, the visionaries of the day saw the need to diversify the economy in fear that the hospitality industry alone might not support Clark County’s growing population.

Is Artificial Intelligence Good or Bad?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), whether you are ready or not, is here and is moving into the most critical sectors of people’s lives.

Quietly Making Noise

According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, with the majority of its population in the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada has an estimated shortage of almost 80,000 affordable rentals for extremely low-income tenants.

Economic Outlook Predictions

The UNLV Center for Business Economic Research (CBER) presented its
“OUTLOOK” report for 2023 through 2024.

Growing Your Business ROI

It is important to remember that ROI doesn’t always equate to dollars in the bank but should provide some identifiable benefit.