How to Create a Business Advisory Board

Those of you who know me, also know that am also very active in the community and sit on several advisory boards. In addition to the personal satisfaction I receive when the organizations upon which I serve help others within the community; I am also privileged to sit in boardrooms with some of the brightest… Continue Reading

Office Recycling

Recycling is perhaps one of the simplest ways you can contribute to a cleaner environment. However, in order for this program to be successful, it must be convenient for all employees by issuing desk side paper recycle bins, as well as centralized recycle containers. Make sure that items that can be recycled are actually recycled… Continue Reading

Keeping Your Business In-line

Three things that will kill your business quicker than anything else are what could be called the “Three Deadly Sins of Business.” Too much inventory, too many people, and too much outstanding accounts receivable. Inventory equates to a cash investment that is sitting idle waiting to be used. It doesn’t matter how the inventory is… Continue Reading

Girl Scouts Commit to Sustainable Practice

In 2012, The Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), announced a plan for using its famous Girl Scout cookie boxes to raise awareness about the global need to develop stronger sustainability practices within the palm oil industry. Each cookie box will include a GreenPalm logo as a symbol of Girl Scouts’ commitment to address concerns… Continue Reading

Happy Holidays

As we reflect on the events that have affected this great country and the world in the past year, both the triumphs and the tragedies, one cannot help but realize the fragile edge upon which we live, and that we are all in this world together. However, humans are both resourceful, as well as, resilient… Continue Reading