Perhaps one of the most universally talked about topics of our time is PRIVACY… brought to the forefront by Edward Snowden the former NSA contract employee who handed over thousands of documents revealing a massive US government surveillance program. Do you know what your rights are when it comes to privacy? History buffs will tell… Continue Reading

Are you making the #1 mistake networking face to face and on LinkedIn?

If I had a pound, euro, dollar or yen for each person that has had an epiphany when I have explained this I could have retired. We all go to networking events and onto LinkedIn looking to meet clients or partners, starting to build those long term relationships that are both profitable and critical to… Continue Reading

What’s in your wallet?

In April of this year, we discussed the Liability shift and the implementation of EMV cards and readers. However, despite the October 2015 deadline, both banks and businesses have fallen behind in both issuing new credit cards with the EMV chip and installing EMV readers. There is also another problem with the technology. A transaction… Continue Reading

Q & A on A/R Factoring

Question: How much money can I get for my receivables?   Answer: Your business will be approved for a monthly invoice factoring amount. You can factor invoices up to that amount. Typically we will advance from 70%-80% of an invoice, with the balance held in reserve until the invoice is paid.   Send your questions… Continue Reading

Albert Delgado joins BFC

Business Finance Corporation is pleased to announce that Albert Delgado has joined the firm to assist clients with accounts receivable financing. Albert brings over 35 years of banking and mortgage finance industry experience to our organization, along with management and marketing skills. More importantly, Albert believes in Las Vegas as a community and dedicates much… Continue Reading