Rebooting Your Business

Owning a business is challenging enough, but it can be overwhelming when you compound employee issues with economic slowdowns, uncertain supply chains, and a public health pandemic.

Financial Terminology Every Las Vegas Small Business Needs to Understand

In our decades long experience working with a wide variety of Las Vegas small business, one recurring theme seems to stand out. We have found that many Las Vegas business owners don’t really know how to read financial statements.  A company’s financial statement is the “blood test” of that business and can reveal all kinds of critical information about a firm’s health.    Understanding the following financial metrics can be invaluable in… Continue Reading

How Factoring for Las Vegas Small Business Can Help You Get Through Rough Patches

Regardless of size, industry, or establishment, there’s not a single Las Vegas business in existence that’s immune to financial rough patches. For startups, in particular, statistics show that half will fail within the first four years, and the second most common culprit behind that failure is a lack of working capital. With the right cash flow strategy, you… Continue Reading

Business is an Olympic Sport

The determination, dedication, and the endurance displayed during the Olympics are the exact ingredients needed to become successful in business.