Growth Management

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Growing your business isn’t just a worthy goal; it’s necessary for the survival and economic well-being of your business. Sustainable growth does not simply happen. It can be a source of tremendous financial and operational challenges requiring a proactive methodology and growth management strategy to overcome them. For example, the creation of a detailed business plan identifying markets and sales strategies, competitive considerations and product differentiations, financial and personnel requirements, and other key components can make the difference between success and stagnation. An honest, value-based assessment of existing management and personnel, revenue streams and product lines, operational processes, costs and cash flows can yield appropriate strategies for capitalizing on the strengths and correcting weaknesses.

Since 1984, the Business Finance Corporation team has developed and implemented business growth management strategies for its own ventures, as well as those of its clients. From establishing strategic partnerships and joint ventures, creating and implementing branding and corporate identity strategies, and bringing innovation and financial resources to address organizational weaknesses, to providing interim executive and management services as necessary. We have experienced firsthand the challenges of growth management and have successfully navigated the path to sustainable growth and stability.

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