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The Online Lending Trap

                    Predatory Online Lenders Attract State Regulation The online lending industry, which provides much-needed finance to consumers and small businesses, is also catching the attention of regulatory authorities in several states. Many of these new financial institutions work in a transparent manner, making funds available to… Continue Reading

What Small Business Wants From The Next President – 2016

American Public Media’s Marketplace has been interviewing small business owners across industries and political parties. The results reveal concern about healthcare costs, access to capital, taxes, regulation and export policy. Small business is something just about all politicians say they support, like the troops, or the middle class. But just like veterans frustrated with medical… Continue Reading

Courting Business – What do you Think?

  In Antonin Scalia’s thirty years on the Supreme Court, his name became a byword for social conservatism. And when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that the Senate would refuse to consider any replacement President Obama nominates it was natural that opponents of same-sex marriage and abortion were relieved. Yet Scalia’s death will have… Continue Reading

Facebook sees big spike in small businesses paying to advertise

For almost a decade, small businesses have been asking people to “like” them on Facebook. That is a free way for them to connect with customers. But in 2012, Facebook introduced a new feature: companies could pay to put their posts onto more peoples’ news feeds. First on “CBS This Morning,” the tech giant is… Continue Reading

After the First Rate Hike

The Federal Reserve has started the process of raising interest rates, in line with ongoing improvement in U.S. economic conditions. The path for subsequent interest rate increases, however, is likely to be shallow compared with past tightening cycles. This reflects in part growing evidence that the new normal for interest rates is lower than in… Continue Reading