The Benefits Of Invoice Factoring

  • Immediate CASH for your invoices, no more waiting to get paid
  • Improve your credit rating – Pay your bills on time resulting in higher credit limits from your vendors
  • Take advantage of trade discounts – In some cases, this can cover the costs of Factoring
  • Eliminate Payroll Tax worries because you have the cash to cover your Payroll expenses when due
  • Take on a large project – Factoring provides the cash to fund your company’s growth
  • Buy out a partner – Acquire competitors – Expand into new markets
  • Flexible and reliable – We can customize a Factoring Program to suit your business needs
  • We conduct credit checks on your customers for you
  • Collection calls – When needed, we can make collection calls on your behalf. Knowing how and when to call can make the difference between getting paid or getting ignored.

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