Our Process

We Make Factoring Easy!

Business Finance Corporation has helped hundreds of companies throughout the United States achieve their financing goals. Our process makes it easy for you to control invoices; increase cash flow; and grow your business.

After establishing an account with Business Finance Corporation, you present only the invoices you want to factor, and your business will be approved for a monthly invoice factoring amount. You can factor invoices up to that amount. Typically, we will advance 70%-80% of an invoice, with the balance held in reserve until the invoice is paid. Funding can usually be provided within 24 hours. The typical factoring transaction costs 3%-5% of the invoice amount sold, essentially comparable to the costs of a merchant credit card account. There may also be a small setup and monthly maintenance fee, depending upon the needs of the individual client. In most instances, a company is not required to factor a minimum amount of invoices each month. You sell us only the invoices you want to factor, when you need the money. In other words, it is up to you when and how much you want to factor.

Let’s Get Started!

We make factoring easy. Bring the following documents to your first appointment, so our team can customize an invoice factoring plan based on the specific needs of your business.

  • The Current Business Financial Statement (Balance Sheet & P&L)
  • A current accounts receivable aging report
  • Three months of your most recent bank statements