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The End Is Near

The end of the 2016 election rhetoric that is, NOT the end of the world or even the U.S. as so many keep predicting. Right now the political divide, perhaps comparable to the Grand Canyon, is deeper and wider than ever before in history. However, the key issues that are being spoken today, are the… Continue Reading

Merchant Cash Advance Loans

Ez to get into—Hard to get out of Perhaps you have seen the pop-up ads, emails, and mailers. They are called Merchant Cash Advance Lenders (MCAL) and most all make the same claims. Qualify for a Line of Credit in Minutes! E-Z Online Application! Funding in 24 Hours! No Collateral! Open a Fee Account in… Continue Reading

BLM Land Auction Shows Trust in Las Vegas Economy

While local economists believe that the recession ended six years ago, the developers and investors have been continuously cautious. But recent BLM land auctions show that these same people are betting that the recession in Las Vegas is OVER. For those of you that have been in Las Vegas for any length of time, you… Continue Reading

Las Vegas Rescue Mission

In Las Vegas, 1 in 9 people live in poverty, and in Clark County, there are almost 7,000 homeless individuals; most of them are categorized as “unsheltered.” More than 500 of the homeless are in families. One in six people, including 1 in 4 children, regularly struggle with hunger. And 58 percent of Clark County’s… Continue Reading


As we approach the end of October, most children and many adults look forward to the spooky celebration of All Hallows Eve, otherwise known as Halloween. But October 31st also marks a time in history, 151 years ago, when Nevada became a state and claimed its place as the 36th star on the American Flag…. Continue Reading