The BFC Newsletter Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary


Masthead of a newsletter

Greetings Everyone.

You may have noticed that this is the 60th edition of the Business Finance Corporation (BFC) newsletter. Five years ago, when I decided to start this newsletter, my goal was to provide valuable and useful information to our clients and friends, and of course, to keep my company name in front of people on a regular basis. After all, that is what marketing is all about.

However, we didn’t want this newsletter to be just about factoring accounts receivables, our goal was to build a community. To that end, we have delivered stories that were written specifically for this newsletter to inform you, our readers, about business trends and ideas.

Over the past five years, our newsletter has talked about the following subjects and more:

  • The ups and downs of the real estate market
  • Economic projections for Nevada
  • Staying on top of mandatory government filings and changing regulations
  • Planning for retirement
  • Funding sources and other business resources
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Technology trends for businesses
  • Finding customers and building a loyal base.

Charity Giving

Those of you who personally know me, also know that I believe in giving back to the community. So, part of the intent of this newsletter has been to bring awareness of the many charitable organizations that are doing wonderful things for our community and to encourage others to participate in charitable giving. Over the past 60 months, we have highlighted over 55 local charities and events.

Being Green

Of course, life is not just about business, it is also about taking the time to stop and smell the roses. We at BFC believe in making sure there will continue to be roses to smell for generations to come, so we have also dedicated a section of the newsletter to sustainability, presenting ideas that you can use in your business and personal lives to conserve energy, save water, and reduce pollution. If everyone does just a little, together we can do a lot.

I know, from emails that I have received and personal conversations, that many of you are loyal monthly readers and find the articles both informative and helpful. I also want to personally thank Craig Ruark for doing all the heavy lifting in researching and writing this newsletter. Without him and his efforts, there would not be a newsletter. Craig is a freelance writer and is available to take on other writing assignments. Please consider him for your writing projects such as newsletter or blog articles, website text, and press releases. He can be reached at, or by contacting us directly at Business Finance Corporation.

As I say at the end of each article, “We want to be your partner in success,” and hope that you will think about the options that Business Finance Corporation provides if you do find yourself with too much money in accounts receivable and too little cash. As we start the next five years, I encourage you to make BFC a factor in your business and look forward to bringing more helpful information to your email inbox.

Thank you for your readership and support.

David Cabral